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Installation and Update

I cannot download update#

If you are having problems updating make sure that you have an activated license. If your license is not active, you will not be able to download update. If you have an active license then try and close and reopen SAFE, as SAFE will not update before it has been restarted.

Update cannot find your user folder#

If your computer user name contains spaces, SAFE can have trouble finding the user folder. The following steps will guide you through a temporary fix for this problem:

  • If SAFE is open, close it.
  • Go to your computer user folder, typically located in C:\Users\'my_user_name' on Windows.
  • Write down the name, somewhere so you will remember it.
  • Rename the folder, and delete everything after the first space.
  • Launch SAFE and let it update.
  • Close SAFE, and rename your computer user folder back to the previous name.

Missing blocks after update#

If a specific block has been updated with some new features there is a chance that the block from an older version will not function after update. To ensure your tests are not corrupted, the block will be removed. To solve this problem just insert the block again, and you will have all the updated features.