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Audio interface

How do you use different types of audio hardware? What this specific need and how do they differ? This troubleshooting page will try to explain these questions to help you getting started with your hardware.

Using USB Audio Interfaces#

Using USB Audio Interfaces with the ASIO driver is highly recommended.


Using Computer Audio Interfaces#

When using the onboard computer interfaces with the WASAPI driver, notice that the output volume from SAFE will be dependent on the volume level on your computer.

Using Bluetooth loudspeaker/headphones#

Be sure to connect your bluetooth device to the computer via the usual bluetooth settings before starting SAFE and inserting the device in the Local Inventory.

If you are loading a test that has a bluetooth device inserted in Configuration, be sure to connect the device via the usual bluetooth settings before loading the test. Alternatively press the 'Reconnect device' button after connecting the bluetooth device.

Using UMIC microphone#