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What is a Project

In SAFE, a project is where you configure and build the measurement sequence as well as analyse and organise data for a specific test.

How to create a project#

  1. Select File from the toolbar.
  2. Choose New Project.
  3. Then you will be presented with the New Project window.

Project Templates

Here you can choose a template to start your project from. Every template have a description and snapshots of what the boards look like in the template. Shipping with SAFE the following templates are available:

  • Blank
  • Getting started playing and recording
  • Impulse response
  • Looping measurements
  • Python Script Example

Below the shipped templates, it is possible to add your own User Templates.


Be sure to check out our Guides page to get your hands on amazing templates for many applications.

In a SAFE project you can configure equipment, build measurement sequences, process data, analyse results and document your work. The projects can range from simple prototype tests to complex automated tests.

In the Navigation Panel under Quick Access you can press Current Project to see the contents of the folder


If you add files to the project folder they will show up here. SAFE intelligently recognizes measurement and result data and allows you to reuse data from the current project or other projects.

This folder is also the default folder for data export and report generation.

Change project settings#

To change the project settings, in the toolbar navigate to File > Settings...


In the project settings you can change the description of your project. This will be shown as the description if using this project as a template and be part of the Report documentation.

Collect All and Save a Project#

When testing in SAFE its not unusual to use files like .py or .wav that are not inside the project folder. To pass a project like that on to a colleague or partner it is necessary to Collect All and Save the project.

This will collect all the files used and make copies in the Project folder, for seamless sharing of projects.

To do this, in the tool ribbon navigate to File > Collect All and Save.