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How to use Templates

Templates are your way to getting started quickly, taking other engineers knowledge and always ensuring the same measurements. You can choose between two different kinds of templates: Templates and User Templates. SAFE comes with a small amount of beginner templates that you can choose to work with, but as you learn to use SAFE you can begin to take advantage of User Templates. To use templates start by creating a new project in the toolbar File > New Project


Be sure to check out our Guides page to get your hands on amazing templates for many applications.

Project Templates

In the General settings you can change the Template Folder path by opening the explorer and choosing a path.

Adding Projects as User Templates#

To use user templates you must specify a user template folder. In the toolbar navigate to File > Settings.... In this folder you can place any SAFE project which will then be used as a template. This means that the template will be copied when creating it as a new project and your original project will not be altered in any way.

Templates Folder

If you have downloaded a template from Encidas guide page it will be downloaded as a .zip and it must therefore be unpacked in order to be usable.

Switching to Your Equipment#

When you have created a new project from a template you yourself have not made, it might contain equipment you do not have in your inventory. You will therefore be prompted to switch the equipment to something in your own inventory. If the type of equipment is not in your inventory, you can add it directly. After you have switched equipment it will automatically connect.

Switch Equipment

You should of course check if the connections made in SAFE corresponds to the connections of your hardware. If this is not the case just move the connections.

Saving a Project as a Template#

You have successfully made a project you want to use as a template. The best way to do this is to save the project to your template folder under File > Save Project As or move the project to the folder.

A smart thing to do when creating templates is to collect all resources in the project under File > Collect All and Save. This collects all files used by the project into the project folder so you do not get errors if these files are moved randomly.

The next time you want to create a new project you should see your template under User Templates.