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How to Process Data

In SAFE, you can process data to form the results you need. Whether it is measured data from your sequence or data from other programs you need to compare. On the processing board you can drag and drop processing tools to form algorithms which can be compiled into results.


Go to Processing Tools to see documentation on every processing tool.

Below is an example of how to process measured data and generated noise into different results on a line plot and spectrogram.

ProcessingTab Processing example.

In the Tool Panel you can find the different processing toolboxes that you can use to process your data. To use a tool drag the tool into the board.

DockBProcessingTab The processing Tool Panel.

Processing tool consists of inputs, outputs and attributes that can be changed. To learn more about each algorithm go to the processing tools documentation.

Processing Tools Documentation

Once you have dragged a processing tool to the center board, its attributes can be viewed and changed in the Properties Panel. Click any attribute value and the UI will let you know if and what you can change it to.

ProcessingAttributes The attributes of an FFT block.

If an attribute has a checkbox it is possible to open it up for external input, like shown in the example above.

The attributes of the FFT lets you change the for example the mode and number of points of the FFT. In the FFT example above, the FFT is not connected to any other blocks, which means the block will do nothing when compiled.

For processing blocks to process data you must connect a data block, which only has a output connection on the right side, and a result block, which only has a input connection on the left side. To connect processing tools press and hold on a red output or input. Drag the cable to another red input or output and release to connect the two devices

StepToFFT Connecting a processing chain to a spectogram.

When you are finished with setting up the processing blocks. You must compile the processing by pressing the Compile processing button in the top toolbar. This starts the compilation which will send data through all the blocks. If any errors occur you will be prompted about the error and the block where the error happens will turn red. Sometimes there will be warnings, and the blocks turn yellow. When compiling is done customize your result dashboard:

How to Analyse Data