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How to Analyse Data

In the analysis category you will find every result you have obtained from the processing. Here, you can drag and drop your results, plots or tables to create your own customized dashboard and analyse your results using zoom, playback and a multitude of plot attributes.

This is an example of a simple dashboard customization, where we have used both a regular line plot and a spectrogram to display results on our dashboard.

AnalysisTab Analysis category.

In the Tool Panel you will find your processing results. The results are plots, tables etc. from the processing board.

To display the results on the dashboard drag and drop the result onto the dashboard.

analysisTools.png The Tool Panel in the analysis category.

Once you have dragged some result to the dashboard you can move the results to any location on the dashboard. You can also resize the result by grabbing the lower right corner of the result and move the cursor to resize.

Plots have many attributes that you can change in the Properties Panel. Line colors, grid, legend, limits and much more.

plot_att.png A line plot result of a recorded signal.

Simply expand and click on any of the attributes and the UI will let you know if and what you can change it to.


At the top of the dashboard you will find the playback feature. To listen to your results, simply click the result and then the play button. Not every result can be played back.


Use the square symbol on the plot toolbar to select an area on the plot for playback. On a spectogram this truncates and filters the signal that you will hear. On a line plot og step plot this tool can only truncate what you hear.

Plot annotations#

Use the toolbar on the plot to zoom and annotate your plot.