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Introduction to SAFE

Hi! Welcome to SAFE

SAFE is your test laboratory software, for automating tests in production lines or development departments.

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Testing can be a complex and time consuming task without the right tools of hardware and software. SAFE is a new digital platform for full automation of measurement sequences and testcase validation. In SAFE you can incorporate files of data from a ton of different integrations letting SAFE keeping track of your data, so you do not have to.

Digitalising the test#

SAFE keeps track of your work in five simple steps. Equipment configuration, measurement procedure, data processing, result analysis and documentation. By going through these five steps you do not have do to any extra work such as writing long reports, export data into another program for comparison with other data or repeat tests because data is lost. SAFE will ensure your information is stored, exportable and ready to document now and in the future.

  • Configuration: sets up your equipment like sensors, transducers, amplifiers and frontends.
  • Measurement: defines your measurement procedure, with steps, stimuli, explaining text and much more.
  • Processing: enables your data processing with a ton of different algorithms and plots.
  • Analysis: shows you your results in a dashboard which helps you get keep the overview.
  • Documentation: writes all your work for you in reports, summaries or your own custom documents.

Data is critical to improve but data is not worth much without knowledge about how the data was recorded. A digital test solves this. Changing your test setup changes the data and keeping the overview day in, day out can be tricky. SAFE remembers that data, so you can compare data from the past, the present and the future.

Integrate with code and software#


Do you have every thing scripted in Python or used to another test software? SAFE integrates with your favorite tools to collect your work and represent scripts visual, run them, compare data from different software or document your work with a single click.

Streamlining process and discover patterns#

Since SAFE records and store all the data and information from your tests you can cleverly discover patterns in your data. You can browse through your projects and work with data effortlessly.

With a visual digital test process you have streamlined the entire test making not only your life easier but also your co-workers. Co-workers can quickly get up to speed and add to your work by using your equipment, templates and documentation.

What documentation is available#

This documentation page is here to help you get the most out of SAFE. The documentation is broken up into different categories:

  • GETTING STARTED category contains basic information about how to easily get started and how to solve potential problems.
  • GENERAL INFORMATION is a more in depth guide and description of what you need to know in order to use SAFE like a pro.
  • INTEGRATIONS should make it easy for you to incorporate other programs you normally use, into the SAFE platform.
  • TOOLBOXES is a detailed description of every tool which can be used in SAFE.

Be sure to check out our Guides page to get your hands on amazing templates for many applications.