Customer Story


Encida enables Dantherm to automate end-of-line testing  to improve quality control of customer specific systems, providing them with the tools and support they need to shift to a automated and digital test that improves their quality control.

  • Reduced test time from half to whole days down to half an hour
  • Can automatically test customer specific systems based on their barcode syntax
  • Achieved a more uniform and systematic test process that eliminates human errors  

Automation of EOL Test for Production of Customer Specific Systems

"By collaborating with Encida, we have managed to significantly optimize our 'end of line' test process. Previously, a system could run for half to a full day. Now we are down to about half an hour," says Jens from Dantherm.

At Dantherm Group, a leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions, they have had great success in implementing Encida's test software SAFE to optimize their test processes in production. Jens, Dantherm's production engineer, shares more about their experiences.

Dantherm Group was founded in 1954 and is Europe's leading supplier of portable and stationary climate control solutions. Based on the work of nearly 600 passionate climate control experts and more than three million installations, they develop and build exceptional climate solutions.

When Dantherm chose to move the production of their Variheat from England to Skive, it was important to ensure a consistent and structured final testing of the products. In England, they had used a manual system based on paper documentation. With Encida's help, this process was digitized and structured, resulting in a more consistent test process.

"Encida helped us create the test interface between the machine and the operator. It is a tool that helps structure the test," says Jens. By using Encida's software, it became easier for Dantherm to structure their test processes and achieve more accurate results.

Another major advantage of using Encida's software is the ability to handle customer-specific orders more efficiently. "So what we have done with SAFE is that based on the syntax on package labels, we can read what the system actually contains, and based on that, we can structure the final testing. These are also the possibilities we have through SAFE because we can link final testing in different ways, so we can do it based on sales orders," explains Jens.

Encida's software SAFE has helped Jens and his colleagues simplify the work with test sequences. "We have added the functionality that it can use an Excel sheet for something that would otherwise make such a sequence quite complicated. Where it used to be really complicated programming, now we can just refer to an Excel sheet, where I can plot some shortcuts to paths and values, and then it runs. Thanks to Encida, Dantherm has managed to optimize their test processes, handle customer-specific orders more efficiently, and achieve fast and efficient support. "I can definitely recommend Encida to other manufacturing companies," concludes Jens.

At Encida, we are proud to have helped Dantherm Group optimize their test process, and we look forward to continuing the good collaboration."