Automating a World Class Ventilation Lab

Rasmus, the Test Manager at Airmaster, shares his experience with Encida and how it has transformed their testing processes. Airmaster is a leading company in the production of decentralized ventilation systems, dominating a significant part of the market not just in Denmark, but also in several other European countries. Their primary clientele includes schools, kindergartens, and various public institutions

I am the Test Manager here at Airmaster, where I am responsible for our outgoing test of the products to ensure that they are correctly tested when they leave the factory so we know they are in order. I am also responsible for our test center, Capacity Lab.

3 Things Airmaster has Achieved 

  • Airmaster significantly reduced their testing time from a couple of weeks to overnight, achieving an efficiency increase of several hundred thousand percent.

  • The number of measurement points in their tests increased substantially from a single point to potentially hundreds, delivering a manifold increase in data quantity and precision.

  • The ability to run continuous testing allowed Airmaster to experiment with their products, like altering the shape of their ventilators and examining the effects, something they were not able to do before.

The Challenge

Prior to the inception of the Capacity Lab, Airmaster faced significant challenges in their testing process. The conventional methods were not only time-consuming but also lacked the precision required for effective product development. This was particularly problematic because flow measurement, a key performance indicator and selling point for their products, could not be assessed with the necessary accuracy.

Earlier, a single measurement would probably take up a couple of weeks. Now, we can test them as it suits us. If there is something we want to see, then we just try it. We don't even have to think about it. It's just a test.

The time it took to conduct a single test was a major hurdle. It would often take a couple of weeks to complete one test, severely limiting their ability to iterate and improve their products in a timely manner.

The Solution

Encida played a crucial role in developing the Capacity Lab. Their software SAFE is responsible for every type of measurement including noise measurements, flow measurement, power measurement, and other complex systems, making the test efficient and automatic.

Encida has simply taken care of the entire integration of the sound measurements, flow measurement, power measurement, etc., all those things which are a system in itself that can be sufficiently complex.

The decision to work with Encida was driven by their ability to solve the task using software that had exciting integration possibilities not seen before. The opportunity to work with a relatively new company using a unique product was also appealing.

The Results

The collaboration with Encida has resulted in the development of the Capacity Lab. Airmasters independent test center that enables Airmaster to measure a product’s performance in terms of airflow and noise levels comprehensively overnight.

We can determine everything about its performance in terms of flow and noise, and we can simply take a unit and measure them completely overnight.

Building Capacity Lab has proven to be extremely beneficial for Airmaster. The test automation has resulted in faster testing, increased data collection, and enhanced precision.

It is no problem to make 20 of these test in a month, where we have 100 measurements points. Where we before made one, and then you can sort of calculate the improvement yourself. At the same time, we pull out significantly more data with a much higher precision and much better coherence than before.

Airmaster is a leading company specializing in the production of decentralized ventilation systems. They are market leaders in Denmark and have a significant presence in several other European countries. Their products are predominantly used in schools, kindergartens, and various public institutions.

With Encida's software SAFE, Airmaster has not only automated their testing process but also unlocked new opportunities for innovation and growth. The company is now more equipped than ever to continue leading in the production of decentralized ventilation systems.

Rasmus concludes, "It's not because we try to get our cooperation with you (Encida) on the downswing. We are trying to expand it as far as we can, so I can definitely recommend that others go this way."